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"Just a little heads-up before your Apointment with me"

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First things first! Schedule any waxing or shaving appointments at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. Oh, and yes, that includes eyebrow waxing and tinting. We're all about avoiding last-minute surprises!

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Get your exfoliation game on point the week leading up to your tan appointment. We want skin smoother than a baby's bottom! And sorry, but that crusty old scrubber just won't cut it.

Don't have an exfoliating mitt? I've got you're back!

Try something like our Azure Tan exfoliating mitt rrp: $9.95 or my personal favourite MyGlow2 Turkish exfoliating mitt rrp: $34.95 available in store.

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Tanning should always be the last beauty treatment completed due to the barriers that some treatment products can create. Beauty treatments like facials, laser, manicures and pedicures, should be done in advance.

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Avoid using any bar soaps/cream based body washes (Dove especially) as they are known to leave a residue on the skin and can create a barrier that the tan cannot penetrate through. Gel based body washes which are sulphate free are best. For our aerosol deodorant devotees, it's time for a little hiatus. Give it a break a week before our date, as those sneaky residues can play tricks on our tan game. No funky colour changes on our watch!

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Now, onto the big day:


Prep like a pro! Shower and lightly exfoliate up to an hour before our appointment in luke warm water. And remember, no deodorant, perfume, or moisturizer allowed. We're aiming for flawless, not patchy perfection!

Tan Prep, Tanniong


The all important Dress code.

Loose and breezy, my dear! Leave those tights and jeans at home. Opt for dark loose fitting clothing like comfy lounge wear, lightweight trackies, or even cotton PJs for those late-night sessions. Thongs if it's dry, or slippers or uggs if it's wet.

What to wear spray tan


When it comes to coverage, it's your call! Whether you want to rock the birthday suit or keep it modest, just keep in mind those tan lines are real! If we're prepping for a summer getaway, feel free to wear your swimsuit for consistent tan lines. If you're after minimal tan lines but dont have the right kind of undies, I've got you covered! Ask me for a disposable G-String on arrival.

Spray tan Prep, Tanning, Beauty


Tan pricing is:

Full body Tan  $40

includes one coat and drying powder on all your bendy bits.

Add on Second Coat  

Half body  $5

Full body   $10

not reccomended but if you insist....

Add on Body Contouring  $15

Contour your natural body tone to give definition

Payment method is Cash and if you could bring the exact change, you're my hero!


You can find me at 67 Villiers Ave, Mortdale, and yes, my studio entrance is through the garage. Can't wait to bronze you up!

Angie xx

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